Artesian Well believes in being Good Stewards of the Earth, so it was an easy decision to produce Environmentally Responsible Products. Artesian Well bottles at the source of a confined artesian aquifer untouch by man and bottled into a Biodegradble ENSO Bottle.

ENSO Bottles are the only PET bottles biodegradable in the anaerobic and aerobic environments. ENSO bottles are made using FDA recongnized materials deemed "Food Grade" and do not compromise the quality or clarity of the bottle.

► Enso Bottles are recyclable with traditional PET.

► Enso Bottles biodegrade through natural microbial digestion in both aerobic (compost) and anaerobic (landfill) environments.

► Enso Bottles are part of the solution in reducing plastic bottle pollution in both landfill and ocean environments.

► Enso Bottles biodegrade into biogases (methane) and biomass in anaerobic (landfill) environments. Biogases are used in creating clean energy.

Biodegradable For More Information on Enso Biodegradable bottles click here.

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